II.C.1 ANTS: Strength in Teamwork and Safety in Numbers
Student Data Sheet #1

Team members _____________________________________________
Directions: Fill out one data sheet for each active anthill you observe.

  1. Describe the shape of the anthill (Check one answer below):
  2. ___Volcano-like
    ___Half-circle (hill only on one side)
    ___Hard to see hill with several holes
    ___No noticeable hill, one entrance hole
    ___Wide bumpy hill with many entrance holes
    ___Other (describe here):

  3. Record the size of the anthill in cm:
  4. Length: Width:
  5. Describe the type of ants seen going in and out of the anthill:
    • What color are they?

    • Are they shiny or dull?

    • How does the ant move? (give example)
    • Do all the ants look alike? Or are some bigger with much bigger heads?
  6. Make up a name for your kind of ant.
  7. Which bait does this ant take?
  8. Is there more than one kind of ant at a bait?
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