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Biennial Report 1995-1996

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Land Management


Land Manager: Kevin N. Main

Archbold Biological Station is responsible for the management of 18,300 acres of land in central Florida. The Station’s 5,000-acre scrub preserve is managed to preserve ecosystem integrity while providing abundant research opportunities. Also under management by the Station is the Lake Placid Scrub Preserve, a State-owned 3,000-acre tract immediately NW of the Station, and the 10,300-acre Buck Island Ranch, site of the MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center.

The basic goal of land management at the Station is to maintain native habitats. Prescribed fire and exotic species control are the primary tools used in both habitat maintenance and restoration. For the small portion of disturbed areas the goal is to restore the native vegetative structure and species composition. Station land management and research are closely linked. All management and research activities are approved by the scientific staff before being conducted. Station staff, interns, visiting scientists, and volunteers all participate in management of the property.

The Lake Placid Scrub Preserve, a unit of the Lake Wales Ridge Wildlife and Environmental Area, was purchased by the State of Florida in 1993 using funds from the CARL (Conservation And Recreational Lands) Program. The site protects a large variety of endangered species and their habitats. During 1995–96, management of the site was conducted jointly by the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission and Archbold Biological Station. Management of the site focuses on protecting and preserving these special habitats while providing research and educational opportunities. In 1996, a draft Conceptual Management Plan was completed. The plan deals with various management issues and constraints, while setting long-term habitat management and restoration goals.



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