Archbold Biological Station
Biennial Report 1995-1996

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Environmental and Biological Monitoring

Land Manager: Kevin N. Main
Research Assistant: Nancy D. Deyrup

Environmental and biological monitoring are essential to provide background data for Station projects. These long-term data sets are used frequently by both staff and visiting scientists. Some Station datasets (see Climatological Information, page 35) go back more than 60 years. Station staff continue data collection for a variety of long-term projects.

Mammals and reptiles. Small mammal mark-and-recapture live-trapping continued for the vertebrate lab on permanent grids established in 1968. Three habitats (bayhead, scrubby flatwoods, and sand pine scrub) are sampled twice a year while the two grids in slash pine-turkey oak woodlands are sampled four times a year to provide more detailed information on fire effects (one grid is long-unburned, the other was burned in 1993). Also, 12 small-mammal transects are sampled twice a year with live-traps. A mammal and reptile track census is conducted twice a year for the vertebrate lab. This study occurs on 3 miles of Station firelanes that are regularly smoothed for better track identification and counting.

Plant studies. The phenology of over 100 Station plant species has been recorded weekly or bimonthly since 1992. Data recorded include time of flower-budding, flowering, fruiting, and new-leaf flush. Photo points, also started in 1992, are taken every 5 years at 200 points around the Station. Additional photos are taken at points in or adjacent to recent fires.

Hydrology and limnology. The depth to water table in 3 wells and surface-water levels in 25 of the Station’s seasonal ponds have been recorded twice monthly since 1989 (see fig., this page). In collaboration with former Station Post-doctoral Fellow Lawrence E. Battoe (St. Johns Water Management District), surface water chemistry parameters of Lake Annie have been collected since 1983. Rainfall and surface samples are collected weekly for pH and conductivity analysis. Each month standard water chemistry readings are taken; and samples for Sulfate, pH, and conductivity analysis are collected at several depths down to 19 m.



Lohrer, F.E. (Editor). 1998. Archbold Biological Station, Biennial Report 1995-1996. Archbold Biological Station, Lake Placid. 62 pp.
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