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Biennial Report 1995-1996

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Conferences and Workshops

Archbold is a favorite venue for small conferences and workshops because of its central location and natural setting. The Annex auditorium (seats 90) and expanded housing (Station 50 people, Ranch 20) make Archbold ideal for meetings. In 1995, 12 meetings convened at the Station and 23 in 1996 (see Appendix F), the same number as in the previous Biennial.

The busy meeting schedule adds a special contribution to Station programs through information transfer among conference attendees and staff, either during the formal programs or during informal interactions in labs and at meals. Land management issues are a dominant theme of the many meetings for state agencies and private conservation organizations. Workshops on biological monitoring, prescribed burning, and listed species capitalize on the knowledge and skills of Station staff. Often a particular lab (GIS, Plant, Invertebrate, Vertebrate, Bird) will host a steady stream of visitors for consultation and discussion during breaks in meeting schedules.

--Fred E. Lohrer

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Lohrer, F.E. (Editor). 1998. Archbold Biological Station, Biennial Report 1995-1996. Archbold Biological Station, Lake Placid. 62 pp.
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