Archbold Biological Station, Biennial Report 1997-1998

Appendix M
Staff, 1997-1998
Archbold Biological Station
MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center

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Staff, Archbold Biological Station, 1997–1998

Administrative Staff
Hilary M. Swain, Ph.D. - Executive Director
David B. Johnston, B.S. - Controller/Operations Manager

Scientific Staff

  • Hilary M. Swain, Ph.D. Senior Research Biologist
  • Eric S. Menges, Ph.D. Senior Research Biologist
  • James N. Layne, Ph.D. Research Biologist Emeritus
  • Mark A. Deyrup, Ph.D. Associate Research Biologist
  • Reed Bowman, Ph.D. Assistant Research Biologist
  • David A. Aborn, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Associate
  • Dirk E. Burhans, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Associate
  • Ernest (Ted) E. Stevens, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Associate
  • Jeffry C. Boutet, B.S. Systems Administrator
  • Christopher C. Brand, B.A. Systems Administrator
  • Nancy D. Deyrup, M.A. Education Coordinator
  • Fred E. Lohrer, M.A. Librarian/Information Manager
  • Kevin N. Main, B.S. Land Manager
  • Roberta L. Pickert, B.S. GIS Systems Manager
  • Richard J. Lavoy, B.S. Education Assistant
  • Helen W. Obenchain, M.S. Education Assistant
  • Charlotte B. Wilson, M.F.A. Education Assistant
  • Leslie K. Backus, M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • David L. Leonard, Jr., M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Wiliam R. Smith, M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Donald M. Stillwaugh Jr., M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Carl W. Weekley Jr., M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Diane Willis, M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Rebecca Yahr, M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Patricia M. Barber, M.S. Research Assistant III
  • Geoffrey M. Carter, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Christina M. Casado, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Daniel C. Durrance, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Margaret E.K. Evans, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Michael N. Gushee, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Nathalie J. Hamel, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Christine V. Hawkes, B.A. Research Assistant III
  • Stephanie A. Legare, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Allison R. Mains, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Lawrence A. Riopelle Research Assistant III
  • Sean P. Rowe, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Diana Swan, B.A. Research Assistant III
  • Linh T. Uong, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Helen A. Violi, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Dorothy E. Mundell Research Assistant
  • Richard Novier Research Assistant

Research Associates

  • Warren G. Abrahamson, Ph.D. Bucknell University
  • Thomas Eisner, Ph.D. Cornell University
  • John W. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. Cornell University
  • Karl V. Krombein, Ph.D. National Museum of Natural History
  • Ronald L. Myers, Ph.D. The Nature Conservancy
  • Glen E. Woolfenden, Ph.D. University of South Florida

Research Affiliates

Administrative Staff

  • Robert D. Burger, B.S. Accounting Manager/Grants&Contracts
  • L. Dianne Cummings, B.S. Executive Assistant
  • Penny M. DeVane Operations Assistant/Facilities Coordinator
  • Marilyn J. George Accounts Payable
  • Karen C. Glas, B.A. Supervisor Accounting/Personnel
  • Marcia L. Hestand, B.S. Scientific Secretary
  • Kimberly G. Heacock, B.A. Receptionist
  • Vikki M. Holt Secretary/Receptionist
  • David W. Johnston, B.S. Controller/Operations Manager
  • Helen W. Johnston Receptionist
  • Marcia E. Shahan Receptionist

Maintenance Staff

  • Bert G. Crawford III Supervisor
  • Lawrence S. Bylund Crewman
  • Jack Dampier Crewman
  • Rose M. Dampier Crewman
  • Jose G. Gonzalez Crewman
  • Daniel K. Kline Crewman
  • Trevor G. Roberts Crewman

Housekeeping Staff

  • Frances A. Speakman Supervisor
  • Verna M. Dunbar Cook/Housekeeper
  • Pamela F. Jacobson Cook/Housekeeper
  • Elizabeth J. Limper Housekeeper
  • Angela K. Sartori Cook/Housekeeper
  • Carla B. Turner Housekeeper
  • June A. Williams Cook/Housekeeper


Staff, MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center, 1997–1998    top
at Buck Island Ranch
(A Division of Archbold Biological Station)

Administrative Staff
L. O’Gene Lollis, B.S. - Ranch Manager
G. Thomas Bancroft, Ph.D. - MAERC Director (1997)

Research Staff

  • G. Thomas Bancroft, Ph.D. Associate Research Biologist
  • David H. Anderson, Ph.D. Assistant Research Biologist
  • Patrick J. Bohlen, Ph.D. Assistant Research Biologist
  • Bruce D. Dugger, Ph.D. Post-doctoral Ornithologist
  • Soon-Jin Hwang, Ph.D. Post-doctoral Limnologist
  • Louis A. Capezza, B.S. Ag. Engineer/Research Assistant IV
  • Lisa M. Collins, M.E. Ag. Engineer/Research Assistant IV
  • Gabriele M. Aborn, M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Catherine M. Dugger, Ph.D. Research Assistant IV
  • Richard S. Finger, B.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Michael A. McMillian, M.S. Research Assistant IV
  • Carrie J. Bullock, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Tammy L. Hamer, B.A. Research Assistant III
  • Steven M. McGehee, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Kimberly L. Niewolny, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Karen L. Rogers, M.S. Research Assistant III
  • Lourdes M. Rojas, B.S. Research Assistant III
  • Charles H. Brown, A.S. Research Assistant II
  • Dan M. Ingall Research Assistant II
  • Edwin C. Rawlinson, A.A. Research Assistant II
  • Jeannine L. Tyler Research Assistant I/Housekeeper

Operations Staff

  • Daniel B. Childs Ranch Development Officer
  • George Addison Ranchhand
  • Lewis F. Addison Jr. Ranchhand
  • Jerry M. Hunter Ranchhand
  • Jonathan W. O’Berry Ranchhand
  • James H. Pollard Ranchhand
  • Rafael Gonzalez-Martinez Maintenance Crew
  • Marilyn S. Pollard Maintenance Crew
  • Terrie M. Lollis Housekeeper


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