Archbold Biological Station, Biennial Report 1997-1998

Turid Forsythe, visiting artist; photo by Nancy Deyrup

Florida Scrub Note Cards

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Artist: Turid Forsyth

In spring of 1998, Turid Forsyth, a natural history artist whose previous work included illustrations for John Alcock and E. O. Wilson, spent several weeks in Pine Cottage making forays around the Station to observe plants and animals. Forsyth has established herself with a number of prominent U.S. publishers, and in Canada her work is featured in numerous gardening books and calendars. She lives in Ontario during the summer, and migrates to Monteverde, Costa Rica, in winter where she continues her nature studies. At Archbold, she designed and painted a series of six watercolor illustrations that are not only portraits of scrub organisms, but also show some of their interactions. These paintings were used to make six different color note cards, worth (at the ascribed going rate) some six thousand words of information on Florida scrub. Four of these cards are featured on the back cover (inside and outside) of this publication. Forsyth also completed a series of black and white line drawings used to illustrate education materials.

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Archbold Biological Station, 13 April 2000
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