Archbold Biological Station, Biennial Report 1997-1998

Photos by Nancy Deyrup.

The new visitor education kiosk, at the west side of the plaza and north of the Main Building, is adjacent to visitor parking.
The new public picnic area, at the east side of the plaza just north of Quercus Cottage, is convenient for school buses and day visitors and is shaded by oaks until early afternoon.

Visitor Information: A New Public Education Kiosk    [Biennial Contents]

Education Coordinator: Nancy D. Deyrup

A new public education kiosk along the west side of the Plaza, at the end of the picturesque main drive, now welcomes visitors to Archbold Biological Station. It displays a map of the main grounds and facilities, a vegetation map, and information about the Station and the Lake Wales Ridge. A bulletin board features items of current interest, and pamphlets about Archbold and the nature trail are available. Newly-designated public parking and picnic tables are nearby.

     Growing interest in the Station by visitors led to the development of improved visitor information and a place to display it. The kiosk was constructed by the maintenance crew in December 1998, and was ready for use by holiday visitors. A metal roof provides protection from the rain, and a clear plastic sheet protects the information. Many visitors have already signed the register at the kiosk and experienced the self-guiding tour of the main grounds facilities that are open to visitors.

     Station visitors are encouraged to begin their visit in the Annex auditorium to watch the video Islands In Time [Since 2001 the video is only available in the Lounge adjacent to the Main Office at the south end of the Main Building] and to look at the picture displays. The nature trail, "Scrub Discovery," is an easy half-mile walk through the Florida scrub, one of the most endangered natural communities in North America. The trail guide provides information on ecological processes and on plants and animals that might be observed at the numbered stops. A Native Plant and Butterfly Garden is near the beginning of the nature trail. [the butterfly garden was discontinued in 2002] A group tour (for 10 or more people) of the Station’s main grounds facilities is available by appointment only.


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Archbold Biological Station, 13 April 2000
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