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Research Assistant: Nancy D. Deyrup

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Global temperatures in 1998 reached record highs, and temperatures at Archbold were no different. For June 1998, the mean monthly high temperature of 96.4EF was the highest ever (previous record was 95.2o F in 1952) over the last 46 years (1952–1998). Twenty-four days in June had temperatures at 95EF and higher. El Niño not only contributed to higher than normal temperatures; June 1998, was the driest June at the Station since 1932 (when rainfall records began). El Niño lasts 8–10 months and often makes winters warmer and wetter in Florida. At Archbold, the winter temperatures during December (1997) and January and February (1998) were within normal range but the precipitation for these three months was well above the average of 5.9", 3.6" and 5.8" of rainfall, respectively, for these months (see fig., this page). Archbold’s weather records indicate four El Niño events (1982–83, 1991–92, 1994–95, 1997–98) during the last 20 years, with 1997–98 as the strongest one.

Fig. Monthly average rainfall at Archbold Biological Station for two El NiZo winters (1982–83,1997–98) and for the 65 years of record (1932–98).

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