Archbold Biological Station, Biennial Report 1997-1998


Librarian: Fred E. Lohrer           [Biennial Contents]


The Library has been an integral part of the Station since its founding, growing continually from the nucleus of Richard Archbold's personal collection. The library focuses on ecology, organismic biology, Florida natural history, and agro-ecology. The holdings include about 6,150 books and 6,400 bound serials volumes and the library subscribes to 200 journals.

     During 1997-98 the library added 416 bound serials volumes, 150 books, and 11 metal bookcases (increasing shelf space by 15% and gaining 5 years of growth space). The library acquired all of the ABSEARCH biology databases, giving us electronic bibliographic access to our legacy holdings in important journals in ecology, plant ecology, wildlife management, conservation biology, and zoology. The library upgraded its subscription for Current Contents (CC): Agriculture, biology, and environmental sciences edition to the CD-ROM version. This multi disciplinary database gives bibliographic access to 1,000 journals, and the library subscribes to 110 of these. Thus CC is our electronic window on the recent issues of our core journals. The Library began subscriptions to 5 new journals: Animal Conservation, Applied Vegetation Science, Ecology Letters, Ecosystems, and Journal of Insect Conservation. Major donations were received from Research Affiliate James Carrel (J. Chemical Ecology, nearly complete set; Vol. 2-22, 1976-1996), Research Associate Tom Eisner (Experientia,; Vol. 38-47, 1982-1992), and Research Affiliate Jack Hailman (20 books in ornithology).

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