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DAY 3: Suggested Projects and Activities

Activity A: Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers Worksheets
Click here for Producers, Consumers, Decomposers worksheet.
Click here for Forest Search worksheet.

Activity B: Food Chain Worksheets
Click here for Just One Tree worksheet.
Click here for Swamp Chomp worksheet.

Activity C: Microhabitat Scavenger Hunt
If you have attended one of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission’s Schoolyard Workshops and have their activity guide, see page 31 for a fun activity that encourages students to look at the world from a small creature’s perspective.

Activity D: Mushrooms: Partners and Recyclers
Using the activities in Unit Three of Discovering Florida Scrub, have your students find out what kind of mushrooms can be found in scrub, what kinds of relationships do mushrooms have with other plants and what kinds of insects can be found on mushrooms.