Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Archbold Expeditions carries forward the mission of Richard Archbold and the organization he established, guiding the programmatic activities of Archbold Biological Station, Buck Island Ranch, and the Archbold Reserve. The Station is funded principally by proceeds from an endowment created by Richard Archbold, which is managed by the Board of Directors.

Following Mr. Archbold's death in 1976, his sister Mrs. Frances Hufty assumed the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors of Archbold Expeditions. Upon her passing in November 2010, her daughter, Mary Hufty, became Chair. The Board is currently comprised of 14 Members. Several members of Richard Archbold's family, scientists, and other professionals guide the organization's success. They meet at least once each year at Archbold Biological Station and via teleconference quarterly. Committees also hold regularly scheduled meetings.

2019 Board of Directors

Mary Page Hufty Chairman
Veronica Alegria Secretary
Barbara Stewart Treasurer
Loren Alegria Vice Chair
Robert Lloyd George Assistant Treasurer
Dylan Alegria
Daniel Alegria
Schellie Archbold  
John Fitzpatrick  
Jack Hufty  
Lela Love  
Vevie Dimmit  
Hilary Swain ex-officio, Assistant Secretary
Eric Stein ex-officio, Assistant Secretary