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Data Management Support

Contact Information: e-mail | p. 863-465-2571 x254

Software we use

  • Currently we have many datasets maintained in Excel, SPSS, SAS, MS Access, and other formats.
  • We also have some environmental monitoring data , and project metadata stored in our Microsoft 2005 SQL Server. Our goal is to get all environmental monitoring data, as well as project metadata into this format.
  • The SQL data are served on our web site through ColdFusion and locally, when connected to our intranet, by front-end MS Access applications.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Data are updated both manually and through automated technologies including Campbell Scientific’s LoggerNet/PakBus systems which retrieve data onto the Archbold Network by wireless (radio)

Available Resources

Data Management:

  • ArchData Project Entry – While visiting Archbold our data manager can help you use the front-end forms (in MS Access) to enter the metadata (project description) for the investigations you will be doing while here. NO PRIOR FAMILIARITY with MS Access is required. Once your investigation is listed in our database it is immediately made available in our online ArchData Catalogue.
  • Designing project databases – As time permits, our data managercan help you set up a data entry/retrieval system (in an MS Access relational database) which will make keeping your data recording as simple as possible, while maximizing the end result analysis capabilities, including integration with GIS mapping if applicable. We keep a library of generic database schemas which have been useful to many others with the full range of MS Access familiarity.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Archbold has extensive datasets in areas such as climate, ground and surface water, Lake Annie limnology, and others. Our data manager can help you retrieve those that are of significance to your investigation.
  • Our automated monitoring systems have the potential to incorporate other temporary monitoring outlets through the PakBus interfaces. We hope to expand on these capabilities greatly in the near future.