Geographic Information System (GIS)

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The Archbold Biological Station GIS Program mission is to facilitate and enhance research and land management at the station, the Archbold Reserve, and the MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center. In addition, the GIS lab cooperates extensively with county, regional, and state agencies as well as private conservation organizations such as the Lake Wales Ridge chapter of The Nature Conservancy to provide spatial data and expertise for Lake Wales Ridge-wide planning projects. This is accomplished: 1) through direct consultation and participation with scientists, incorporating spatial data and analyses into pre-existing research, 2) through GIS support of administrative and management infrastructure and production of planning tools for land management and permitting, and 3) through comprehensive project-level participation; from proposal to publication.

Archbold maintains a fully equipped GIS lab utilizing the most current versions of ESRI’s ArcGIS ArcINFO. In addition all program areas have multiple installations of ArcGIS ArcEditor and ArcGIS ArcView software. The lab provides an expansive spatial database, project-specific data development, spatial analysis, technical expertise, consultation and documentation to achieve our goals.