Due to the continued threat of COVID-19, Archbold is closed to the public. Please check back for news on reopening.

Information Technology (IT) Support

The Information Technology (IT) division provides technology design and selection, technical support and training, technology acquisitions, the review and development of IT policies and standards and IT strategic planning services for Archbold Expeditions. IT ensure that these services are provided in an effective, efficient and timely manner:

the IT division:

  • Supports and promotes the productive use of technology throughout the organization.
  • Ensures that all technology in place is secure, reliable and performs as needed.
  • Selects, design and implements cost-effictive, quality technology solutions, both software and hardware, designed to meet the organization's needs.
  • Maintains positive relationships with end users through information and communication.
  • Archives all Archbold electronic data and information, maintaining daily, weekly, monthly and annual archival backup.
  • Designs, implements and maintains the digital structure, programming and coding of all the organization's web site, and maintains other external interfaces such as the FTP site.

Description of IT Infrastructure

IT is responsible for the operation, security and integrity of the organization's technology infrastructure. This infrastructure includes a modern data network, predominantly Microsoft operating systems and programs.

A gigabit fiber optic (FO) backbone (NSF FSML funding) connects all departments of the main campus and campus-wide housing to the main Server Room, the network includes over 15 HP switches, a Netvanta router and Barracuda firewall, 2 NAS (network attached storage) and several servers that provides essential services including Mail, SQL, GIS, WWW and FTP services, Accounting, Backup and Virus protection.

IT maintains the campus wide wireless access for visitors anywhere on the grounds of the main campus. In addition IT helps support wireless communications with remote monitoring stations up to 10 km away, such as the buoy at Lake Annie, the weather station.

The Station is connected to the World Wide Web via 100 Mbps fiber , Buck Island Ranch (BIR) is connected to the Station via a virtual VPN tunnel and our Avon Park Air Force Range (APAFR) office also connects to the Station through VPN.

There are also over 50 laptops/desktops at the Station, over 15 laptops/desktops at BIR and over 10 laptops/desktops at APAFR

Support and Resources available for visitors

  • Computers
    The Station's Info Center is equipped with a desktop, running Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. These computer is available for use anytime, all login information are posted in the center.
  • Network and Internet access
    Only computers beloging to the Organization can access its data. Visitors computers will be allowed to acess the internet, the access can either be wired or wireless, for a wired connection please see the System's Administrator. Wireless access is available over 75% of the campus, the wireless services are insecure and we assumes no responsibility for any harm or loss incurred by the use of this service. Please note that the Station's internet is being monitored, and abuse of the network bandwidth can get your previlidges taken away.
  • Print Service is available in the Info Center via the Station's computer.
  • A/V Equipment
    The Station's Auditorium and meeting rooms are equiped with ceiling mounted projector and computer is also available in the auditorium and meeting rooms for use. We also have a portable projector and a laptop.
  • Technical Support

The Station's IT staff is only on site Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's, technical support on any other days will only be available via emails.

Contact Information

p. (863)-465-2571 x263 | e-mail

Helpful tips

If you are brining a personal computer for your stay here with us, we recommend that your computer is well equiped with an antivirus program.