Welcome to Archbold Biological Station.

Please join us in our exploration of the almost unfathomable biological riches of Florida.

Executive Director
Hilary Swain

Richard Archbold, biological explorer and founder of Archbold Expeditions, established the Archbold Biological Station in Lake Placid, Florida in 1941, and devoted the remainder of his life to biological exploration at this wonderful site. He understood that a field station dedicated to the exploration of the natural history and ecology of a pristine, rare ecosystem, the Florida scrub and its surrounding environs, could make revealing and important contributions to our understanding of biology. Richard Archbold died in 1976 and, in an extraordinary act of scientific generosity, left the land and buildings of Archbold Biological Station, together with his personal wealth, to supply core support. To this day, his support of the work of staff and visiting scientists and students from around the world continues. His sister, Frances Hufty, and her family, serve on the Board of Directors, nurturing the research, conservation, and education mission.

At Archbold Biological Station, we realize Richard Archbold’s vision of biological exploration everyday. There is a thirst, a hunger, and a passion for our pursuits. Our research and exploration will, thankfully, always be incomplete, but our lives are very complete. Each time we step outside we launch a new voyage of discovery. The cumulative decades of biological exploration at Archbold Biological Station continues to guide regional conservation decisions. The Lake Wales Ridge, with its extraordinary threatened and endangered species and natural communities all extensively catalogued by Archbold biologists, remains a top priority for public acquisition and management. Archbold’s K-12 curriculum materials allow teachers and pupils to join us and explore the excitement of new research discoveries. We provide a perfect setting in which to inspire students of all ages and from all walks of life, in the art of biological discovery.

Welcome to all – staff, Board of Directors, visiting researchers, students, schools, universities, volunteers, collaborators, donors, conservationists, public agencies, the visiting public, and everyone who is curious about biological exploration at this wonderful institution. Archbold Biological Station represents all that can be achieved with great science and great generosity.