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As Florida enters phased reopening, we at Archbold are doing the same. For the well-being of our staff, visitors, and the community at large, Archbold Biological Station and Buck Island Ranch are currently closed to the general public until further notice. We too are slowly returning to more 'normal' conditions, and will be reopening as soon as we can ensure everyone's safety. The Queen of Red Hill has renewed her declaration to "stay in your burrow," just a bit longer. We wish you good health.

SUMMER CAMP Goes Virtual

We at Archbold are happy to announce that registration is now live for Virtual Ecology Summer Camp! Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey to help build the experience - Director of Education Dustin Angell has put together four weekly sessions packed with fun and educational children's activities designed to be done in our own backyards, using common household objects. Attendance is limited, so register here today!

Also check out our new Tuesday Virtual Field Trip series, open to all ages. Click here to view the events and register.


Due to the threat of COVID-19, Archbold is closed to the public. However, we are pleased to present a new seminar series offered online! You must register to receive your link

  • Online Ms. Joelle Carbonell "Some Like it Hot: Weather, Climate, and Hatching Success in the Florida Scrub-Jay" Register here Time: 16:00

  • Online Ms. Talia Kuras "Can You Hear Me Now? The Impacts of Vegetation on Florida Scrub-Jay Response to Alarm Calls" Register here Time: 15:30

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Worldwide Grassroots Science

Collaboration is increasingly a key to successful science and conservation. The Nutrient Network (NutNet) is bringing together grassland researchers from around the world. read more

Fire ants and floods

The region of South America where the imported fire ant originated is largely flat and subject to seasonal flooding. When fire ants were (accidentally) brought to Alabama and Florida, they got off the boat already adapted to their new home. read more


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