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Help support Archbold by making a gift today! Your support ensures Archbold's sound science continues to generate conservation action, bringing new hope to Florida's native plants and animals that are threatened or endangered. Together, we advance Archbold's critical work to understand, interpret, protect, and manage wild places here in Florida. Thank you for your support, together we protect Wild Florida.

New Predator-Prey Research

With your support and our science as the driving force behind all that we do, Archbold works tirelessly to help #keepFLwild. Thanks to a generous donor, Archbold is re-establishing predator-prey research, coupling scientific research and conservation efforts to better understand and protect large predators, such as the Florida Black Bear and the Florida Panther, and the habitats on which they rely.

Florida Wildlife Corridor Act

On April 27, 2020, the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives passed of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act, with bipartisan support. We applaud the Florida legislature's leadership and their commitment to conserving Florida's land and water resources. This historic milestone was made possible thanks to the support of a broad coalition of partners from the agricultural, environmental and scientific communities over the past decade. If signed by the Governor, the legislation will take effect on July 1, 2021.

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Wildlife Corridor and Water Resources

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