Katie Caldwell and volunteer Bob Wohlwend with a class on the Lodge overlook.


Nurturing connection to nature, environmental identity, and a sense of place

At Archbold, those who visit us learn scientific knowledge and build a connection to nature through guided activities and mentoring, preparing them for science careers and responsible Earth citizenship.

Our place-based Education Program activities - serving K-12 students, college classes, early professionals, lifelong learners, and more - draw from decades of ecological research and education to build scientific knowledge, connect with wild Florida, and inspire careers in science.

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Family-friendly enrichment and adult learning


Science lessons for 3rd to 5th Grade classes

Free learning modules for teachers

Archbold’s “Science in the Scrub” lessons are classroom activities for 3rd to 5th grade students. With them, students learn about Florida’s plants and animals. All “Science in the Scrub” lessons are aligned with the Florida state educational standards, and make an excellent complement to our field-trip experiences.

grade school programming

Our lesson collection is centered around a three-module curriculum exploring the Florida Scrub-Jay. We also have modules covering outdoor science experiments and evolutionary adaptation.

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Learning videos

Queen of Red Hill

At Home in the Florida Scrub

The Science of Life

Soil Nutrients with Maya

Fungal Herbarium with Elan

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Cavity

Cowboys and Scientists

Animal Features are Bone Deep

How to Age a Saw Palmetto

Archbold's Weather Station

My Florida Explorers

Immersive and interactive 360˚ tour

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My Florida Explorer Teacher Guide

Florida Scrub Coloring Book

A coloring book for young learners, plus standards-aligned language arts worksheets to be used in concert with Archbold blog posts.






Elementary school field trips

Bringing ecology to life

Archbold offers free field trips to Florida public elementary schools.

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grade school programming

More ways to learn with us

Continuing education and community outreach

Building a community of lifelong learners

Archbold provides a wide variety of continuing education opportunities. These include lectures, seminars, guided tours, meetings, workshops, and special interest programs — as well as our Nature Trails and permanent exhibits.

community outreach
community outreach
community outreach

In addition, the Station often hosts tailored programming for arts organizations, environmental nonprofits, and professional organizations. Contact our Education Office to learn more about customized tours and visits.

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For information about hosting your next overnight retreat or workshop at our site, see our Visit page.

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Support the next generation of environmental stewards.

Our education program is dependent on collaboration between donors, volunteers, community partners, educators, and supporters. Engage with us to build a community of lifelong learners.