Diversity Strategy. Strategic Planning

"The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind." Maya Angelou

Following the movement around the country, Archbold has been called to action by the deeply disturbing killing of George Floyd, and other similar tragedies in the long trail of inequality and mistreatment suffered by the Black community. Staff and visitors of racial and ethnic diversity are woefully underrepresented at Archbold. We have not done enough, and we must address this through leadership focused on recruiting and nurturing Black and other underrepresented groups as scientists, students, and interns. Our science will be better for engaging minds enhanced by the perspectives of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Conservation and interpretation of the natural world we seek to protect will be more relevant when we increase opportunities, accessibility, and meaning for all. We embrace this challenge as part of our upcoming 5-year strategic planning scheduled for July. As we develop our diversity strategy, the goals must be authentic, tangible, trackable, and transparent. We plan to seek guidance and training that will identify and remove internal barriers that hinder diversity and inclusion. In addition to our customary academic and conservation allies, we hope to partner with the diverse communities surrounding Archbold to help build and share a social and cultural history of this place to complement our environmental history. As Archbold supporters, many of you may have personal experiences and ideas, and we would appreciate your insights (please email). Setting a new course to promote diversity and inclusion is, and will be, one of the hardest things I have faced as Director. I appreciate your help in this long-term endeavor, as we work towards becoming a more impactful, diverse organization that looks like, beckons, and serves all communities. Hilary Swain

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