Administrative Staff

* Swain, Hilary M., Ph.D. Executive Director, e-mail
* Crawford, Bert G. Operations Manager, e-mail
Forsburg, Zachery Ph.D. Communications and Philanthropy Coordinator, e-mail
Harper, Lisa M.A. Accounts Payable Specialist,
* Hawkins, Sharon B.S. Human Resources / Risk Management Administrator, e-mail
Jones, Nova B.A. Facilities Coordinator / Receptionist, e-mail
Reed, Laura B.S. Executive Assistant,
Warrick, Tahlia M.S. Annual Giving Manager,

Guest Services

Dunbar, Verna Housekeeper / Cook
Segarra, Alycia Cook / Housekeeper

Maintenance Staff

* Crawford, Bert G. Operations Manager e-mail
Gonzalez, Lupe G. Senior Crewman

Technical Staff

Azad, Shefali M.S. Data Manager LTAR, e-mail
Dietrich, Matthew B.S. Data Manager e-mail
Gentili, Joe M.S. Librarian (part-time), e-mail
Lohrer, Fred E., M.A. Emeritus Librarian, e-mail
* Main, Kevin N., B.S. Associate Land Manager, e-mail
Meeks, Angeline M.S. Conservation Cartographer
Patram, Kevin Systems Administrator e-mail
* Sclater, Vivienne M.S. Director of Data and Technologies e-mail
Sorfleet, Julie B.A. GIS Research Assistant

Scientific Staff

* Swain, Hilary M., Ph.D. Senior Research Program Director, and Research Biologist [Landscape Ecology, Conservation Biology], e-mail

AgroEcology Staff

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Avian Ecology Staff

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Conservation Staff

* Daskin, Joshua H Ph.D. Director of Conservation e-mail

Entomology Staff

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Herpetology Staff

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Limnology Program

Gaiser, Evelyn Ph.D. Research Associate e-mail

Predator Prey Program

Plant Ecology Staff

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Restoration Ecology Staff

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Education Program

* Angell, Dustin B.A. Director of Education e-mail
Caldwell, Katherine B.A. Education Assistant
Herron, Michaela B.A. Jill Abrahamson Memorial Education Internship

Ranch Staff

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Andrus, Lee Education
Blair, Marilyn Education
Cunningham, Edward AvianEcology and Education
Deyrup, Nancy D. M.A. Entomology
Gette, Linda Education
Main, Katherine Volunteer Corp
Mazzeo, Michael GIS
Obenchain, Helen Education
Oldford, Alice Education
Parken, Bill Education

Riopelle, Larry AvianEcology
Schwab, Dave Education
Schwab, Liz Education
Talbott, Pat Education Land Management