Throughout the pandemic, Archbold has been fully engaged in science, conservation, and outreach. Currently our facilities are open by appointment only, but please stay tuned. We look forward to further opening to the public.

Betsie B. Rothermel
Associate Research Biologist

B.S., Cornell University, 1990

M.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1994

Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 2003

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Responsibilities at Archbold Biological Station

  • Directs the Restoration Ecology and Herpetology programs
  • Serves as one of five Program Directors responsible for general oversight of scientific programs and use of Archbold facilities for research, education, and conservation
  • Coordinates research, monitoring, and restoration activities on the Archbold Reserve
  • Collaborates with USDA and other partners to manage and restore Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) easements on the Reserve
  • Chairs the Archbold Animal Care & Use Committee
  • Manages the Archbold herp and fish collections
  • Hosts visiting investigators and classes conducting activities related to herpetology or restoration ecology

Research Interests

  • Population biology, behavioral ecology, and natural history of amphibians and reptiles
  • Ecological restoration of agriculturally impacted wetlands
  • Disturbance dynamics and community ecology of seasonal wetlands
  • Amphibian disease ecology

Selected Recent Publications

[Please visit my ResearchGate profile to obtain PDFs of these and other papers]

  • O’Connor JH, Rothermel BB (2013) Distribution and population characteristics of African Jewelfish and Brown Hoplo in modified wetlands in south Florida. Am Midland Nat 170:52-65
  • Rothermel BB, Travis ER, Miller DL, Hill RL, McGuire JL, Yabsley MJ (2013) High occupancy of stream salamanders despite high Ranavirus prevalence in a southern Appalachians watershed. EcoHealth 10:184-189
  • Rothermel BB, Castellón TD (2014) Factors influencing reproductive output and egg size in a southern population of Gopher Tortoises. Southeastern Nat 13:705-720
  • Scott DE, Yanes Y, Rothermel BB, Pilgrim M, Romanek CS (2015) Efficacy of labeling wetlands with enriched 15N to determine amphibian dispersal. Wetlands 35:349-356
  • Yuan ML, Dean SH, Longo AV, Rothermel BB, Tuberville TD, Zamudio KR (2015) Kinship, inbreeding, and fine-scale spatial structure influence gut microbiota in a hindgut-fermenting tortoise. Mol Ecol 24:2521-2536
  • Noss CF, Rothermel BB (2015) Juvenile recruitment of Oak Toads (Anaxyrus quercicus) varies with time-since-fire in seasonal ponds. J Herpetol 49:364-370
  • Castellón TD, Rothermel BB, Nomani SZ (2015) A comparison of line-transect distance sampling methods for estimating Gopher Tortoise population densities. Wildl Soc Bull 39:804-812
  • Rothermel BB, Miller DL, Travis ER, Gonynor McGuire JL, Jensen JB, Yabsley MJ (2016) Disease dynamics of red-spotted newts and their anuran prey in a montane pond community. Dis Aquat Org 118:113-127
  • Bauder JM, Breininger DR, Bolt MR, Legare ML, Jenkins CL, Rothermel BB, McGarigal K (2016) Seasonal variation in eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi) movement patterns and space use in peninsular Florida at multiple temporal scales. Herpetologica (in press)
  • Bauder JM, Breininger DR, Bolt MR, Legare ML, Jenkins CL, Rothermel BB, McGarigal K (2016) The influence of sex and season on conspecific spatial overlap in a large, actively-foraging colubrid snake. PLoS ONE 11(8): e0160033

Current Grants & Contracts

  • U.S. Department of Defense: Population surveys of Gopher Tortoises and Eastern Indigo Snakes at Avon Park Air Force Range, Florida. PI: BB Rothermel
  • Riverbanks Zoo Conservation Support Fund: Mating system and male reproductive success in a high-density Gopher Tortoise population. PI: TD Tuberville, co-PIs: BB Rothermel, KR Zamudio, KN White
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Partners for Fish and Wildlife: Sandhill restoration and management for Gopher Tortoises at Archbold Biological Station. KN Main (Project Director), BB Rothermel, ES Menges
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wetlands Reserve Program: Landowner agreement for wetland restoration enhancements - Mary’s Creek, Frances Creek, and Cutthroat Seep WRPs on the Archbold Reserve. BB Rothermel (Project Director), HM Swain
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wetlands Reserve Program: Landowner agreement for wetland restoration - Cutthroat Prairie WRP and East Prairie WRE on the Archbold Reserve. BB Rothermel (Project Director), HM Swain
  • National Science Foundation, CSBR Natural History Collections: Transforming accessibility to the rich, site-based, multi-taxon collection of Archbold Biological Station. Award No. DBI-1458229. PI: HM Swain, co-PIs: MA Deyrup, R Bowman, ES Menges, BB Rothermel