Throughout the pandemic, Archbold has been fully engaged in science, conservation, and outreach. Currently our facilities are open by appointment only, but please stay tuned. We look forward to further opening to the public.


The year Richard Archbold, famed aviator and explorer, founded Archbold Biological Station on an ancient scrub ridge in the headwaters of the Everglades, and established a tradition of long-term ecological research, conservation, and education


The number of federally listed threatened and endangered spieces found at Archbold


The number of scientific papers published by scientists based on work at Archbold

47,000 & growing

The number of elementary school children who have enjoyed the award-winning science curriculum and education programs offered by Archbold Biological Station


The number of species described by Archbold scientists


The number of cattle at the Archbold's Buck Island Ranch. Archbold's research program is pioneering solutions that are good for agriculture and nature


The number of of Florida plant, arthropod, bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, and fish specimens in the Archbold Natural History Collection-one of the largest of any field station in the world


The number of acres managed by Archbold including a nature preserve, a cattle ranch, and wetland restoration projects


The number of student interns who have completed research at Archbold and employed the rare opportunity to meet and work in the field with leading scientist