Welcome to entomology at the Archbold Biological Station, where thousands of species of arthropods have been studied, collected and protected for over 50 years. This page is a portal to useful and interesting information for researchers, conservationists, and anybody with a peculiar fascination with insects, spiders and other arthropods. This page is arranged as an outline for ease in navigation.

Facilities and Resources for entomological research

Entomological Education

Evolutionary features of local arthropod fauna

Arthropod conservation at the Archbold Biological Station

  • Habitat protection
  • Inventory at the Archbold Biological Station
  • Inventory of arthropod diversity on the Lake Wales Ridge
  • Natural history studies

A diversity of entomological projects past and present

  • Richard Archbold as a patron of entomology
  • Early researchers: Needham et al.
  • Long-term programs: Eisner et al.
  • Recent projects: a sampling

Ideas for smallish entomological projects at the Archbold Biological Station