For the Children

Alan Rivero shows campers how to check fish traps at a seasonal pond
at Archbold during Summer Ecology Camp.

For some children, experiencing nature happens during their first trip to Archbold. That impact can last a lifetime. We still need to raise the necessary funding to support our growing Education Program. Many of you received letters asking to help Archbold with this beloved program, now dating more than 30 years, serving children the very best science here at Archbold. As we all reflected last weekend about what it means to celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s remember our children. All children need a safe, nurturing place to discover, explore, and share the wonder and beauty of science and nature. We hope you will consider a gift to Archbold for Education. Our goal is to invest in the most important asset of all—our children. We are grateful for all you do to support Archbold.