One Big Announcement, Plus Two Films

Buck Island Ranch Manager Gene Lollis heads out to work for the day. Image by Grizzly Creek Films.

April brings VERY exciting news from Archbold’s Buck Island Ranch. Look out for a BIG announcement during the week of April 15-20. And to support the big announcement, we will release two new films created to share the exciting work by our scientists and collaborators at Buck Island Ranch on the important ranchland ecosystems of the Headwaters of the Everglades. The first film, "Cowboys and Scientists" (8 min/Grizzly Creek Films) will be released on April 15th – This film will bring you the story of how the partnership between Archbold Biological Station and Buck Island Ranch inspired a new mission: cowboys and scientists working together to advance scientific discovery on a ten thousand acre working cattle ranch. Our second film, "The Science of a Florida Ranch" (9 min/Into Nature Films) will be released on April 20th - This film will provide you the clear overview of our science at the Ranch which helps decision makers, agencies, and other ranchers make informed decisions, and have deeper understanding of our own lands. We are delighted to bring you these films, as well as make a significant and meaningful announcement during the week of April 15th. We hope you will be pleased with all three of the events.