Hillary Swain

Hilary Swain, Ph.D.

Executive Director & CEO, Senior Research Biologist

Executive Director of Archbold Biological Station since 1995.

Leadership for science, conservation, and education programs at Archbold

Oversight for 8,800-acre Archbold Biological Station on the Lake Wales Ridge and the 10,500-acre Buck Island Ranch.

Builds partnerships to amplify Archbold's science, conservation, and education impacts regionally, statewide and globally.

Leadership role for science networks including USDA LTAR and GLEON.

Facilitates liaison with local, state, and federal agencies, non-profits, and landowners to implement Archbold's goal to understand and protect Florida's ecosystems.

Responsible for programs, data and technology, budget, facilities and support.

Manages 60-70 staff plus graduate students, interns, and visiting scientists.

Personal research interests lie in conservation biology, agroecology, and limnology. Conducts research for federal and state agencies on sustainable ecosystems, survival of listed species, Lake Annie, large landscape conservation and the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

Long-term public role in protection of conservation lands in in Florida, most recently the implementation of the Florida Wildlife Corridor.


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