Due to the continued threat of COVID-19, Archbold is closed to the public. Please check back for news on reopening.


Archbold wishes you and your family, friends, and colleagues safety and health. We are truly grateful you are choosing to support us at this time. At Archbold, like you, we are doing all that we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check out our virtual event series, offering online seminars and virtual field trips, keeping you connected ‘virtually’ to science, conservation, and nature.

Archbold's Mid-year Report 2020.

Thank you for helping Archbold celebrate our 80th Anniversary!

Thanks in part to the steadfast support of donors, and the hard work of numerous staff, scientists, and a long-devoted board, Archbold has grown substantially since our founding to become a celebrated science organization dedicated to exploring and understanding the precious biodiversity and ecosystems of our region and putting this science into conservation action throughout Florida and beyond.

We still have much more we need to do to continue our mission of protecting wild Florida, and sharing our successes to make positive change throughout the globe. Thank you for your generosity.

Your gift will be put to work to support our efforts to explore, research, conserve, and educate the incredible biological riches of Florida, and beyond. As always, your gift is dedicated to Archbold’s programs: research, conservation, and education in the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades. Thank you for your gift.

Buck Island Ranch Capital Campaign: Help Archbold complete the purchase of Buck Island Ranch. Ownership will conserve the Ranch forever, as well as secure this special place for vital long-term research, ensuring its global prominence as a crucible for melding science, education, and conservation. Every gift makes a difference. For naming opportunities, or for information about other generous giving opportunities, please contact Deborah Pollard, Director of Philanthropy.