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Make a Difference: Gift Designation

Use where needed most - Archbold means many different things to everyone who has visited. Whether a student, academic, professional or nature lover, our goal is to make your experience one that will change your way of thinking about the natural world and being a good steward.

Research - Thirst for knowledge and an uncompromising commitment to excellence is at the heart of Archbold’s contribution to understanding and protecting Florida’s plants, animals, lands, and waters. The depth, breadth, and quality of its research gathered from more than 75 years has made it an international icon for science. It is the trusted standard bearer of dependable research that is guiding conservation and restoration solutions, strategies, and policies, and inspiring students to carry the mission forward for decades to come.

Conservation - Archbold protects a world-famous reserve, which shelters a globally-imperiled Florida scrub habitat that is more than one million years old. Since the early 1980’s, Archbold, coupled with conservation partners, has spearheaded the conservation of this ancient ecosystem, tripled the acres conserved on the Ridge, and is saving its rare plants and animals from the brink of extinction. More than 3,600-acres that make up Archbold’s Reserve is being restored. Science-based strategies to improve Florida’s water quality are a continuing project.

More than one million acres of cattle ranches are in the Headwaters of the Everglades, providing habitat for native plants and animals and open space for wildlife movement. Archbold is creating solutions and harmonizing the economic reality of ranching with conservation needs through the management of one of the largest cattle operations in Florida: Our 10,500-acre Buck Island Ranch.

Education - Archbold is open to the public and students of all ages. Innovative K-12 curricula, summer camps, post-graduate studies, and adult continuing education programs make Archbold a stimulating, hands-on learning experience. For decades, universities have chosen to bring their undergraduate and graduate classes to Archbold. For many students, Archbold provides their first opportunity to explore and study an important ecosystem in a biological station setting that offers a wealth of existing research and invaluable guidance.

Your gift to Archbold will support each of these programs: Research, Conservation, and Education. Additionally, giving to Archbold helps continue our work in Florida’s heartland as an internationally recognized not-for-profit organization, standing at the forefront of the global effort to investigate, interpret, and preserve the world’s natural heritage.

To make a restricted gift, contact Deborah Pollard, Director of Philanthropy at e-mail or call: (863) 465-2571 x277.