Enviromental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring at Buck Island Ranch (BIR) is part of a greater network of environmental monitoring projects initiated by Archbold Biological Station. BIR’s long term environmental monitoring datasets include climatologic, hydrologic and biotic data of the Ranch. Systematic data collection started in 1994. This data is used by research and operations staff to analyze data collected from experiments, inform research and management decisions, and evaluate the success of restoration projects. Archbold and BIR share the goal of making most environmental monitoring data, and associated metadata, available publicly via the Station Data/Metadata web pages. Please follow the links below to explore some of our monitoring projects in greater detail.


BIR has four weather stations with data collection starting in 1992- current. We record data on temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, wind, and barometric pressure on 15 minute time stamps.


BIR has multiple sites dedicated to climatological and hydrological measurements including four weather stations, five eddy flux towers measuring carbon dioxide and methane, thirty-two groundwater wells and two current automated ISCO water samplers.