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Corridor Observatory

Developing a model for collecting big data for animal ecology, to provide insight on the values and impacts of the Florida Wildlife Corridor

The Corridor Observatory project uses camera traps and autonomous recording units (ARUs) to collect data to help us analyze occupancy and activity patterns for many species of wildlife, providing new insight into how our management shapes landscapes and impacts wildlife populations. Our research focuses primarily on large bodied, wide-ranging wildlife such as feral pigs, black bear, and Florida panther.

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Primary Location(s)

Deluca Preserve, Archbold Biological Station, Buck Island Ranch, Lake Wales Ridge, Headwaters of the Everglades Watershed, Florida Wildlife Corridor

Years Active

2022 - Current

Data and Analysis Types

Occupancy studies, distribution and abundance for several species of terrestrial and semi-terrestrial birds and mammals

Funders & Collaborators
Bellini Better World Foundation