Sentinel Landsacpe

Defending ecosystems

A collaborative regional effort to simultaneously meet conservation and military missions.

Rural areas including Florida ranches are compatible with military activities and biodiversity conservation. Archbold joins land trusts, government agencies, non-profits, and landowners to achieve conservation within the 1.7 million-acre Avon Park Air Force Range Sentinel Landscape. The area recognized by the Department of Defense as key to buffering active military training areas and to wildlife conservation and connectivity.

Major Findings & Impact

Development of regional land use recommendations sensitive to military, economic, and environmental goals, ongoing climate change resilience planning for defense, biodiversity, agriculture, and communities, continuing recovery of Florida Scrub Jay, Red Cockaded Woodpecker, and Florida Grasshopper Sparrow populations.

Project Details

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Data and Analysis Types

Climate resilience planning, conservation priority setting, conservation finance, population and habitat monitoring and management

Primary Location(s)

Avon Park Air Force Range, Headwaters of the Everglades Watershed

Years Active

1992 to present

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Department of Defense
Conservation Florida
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
University of Florida


Department of Defense
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service