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Feral Swine Ecology & Management

Develop and improve tools and methods to manage feral swine populations

Feral pigs are a rampant invasive species throughout Florida. Archbold collaborates with an interdisciplinary group studying the habits of feral pigs via a network of remote cameras, GPS collar data, gene sequencing technology, and monitoring for potential disease. The image data we collect remote cameras has already lead to advances in the usefulness of machine learning technology in wildlife ecology.

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Data and Analysis Types

Camera trap image data, machine learning in wildlife ecology, spatial capture-recapture, animal movement data, continuous time movement modeling

Primary Location(s)

Buck Island Ranch, Headwaters of the Everglades Watershed, Florida Wildlife Corridor

Years Active

2015 - present

Featured Publications

Differences in number of indirect interactions between males and females are likely due to differences in home range size, as individuals with larger home ranges (ed: in this study, male pigs) are more likely to overlap with a greater number of neighboring animals. This could influence important ecological processes, such as genetic structuring of populations and transmission of pathogens.

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