Measuring conservation progress

Measuring conservation impact

To plan and track Archbold's conservation impacts, and to align our vision of success with partners'.

Archbold's Conservation Strategy defines the four pillars that guide our work: Saving the rarest of the rare species and ecosystems; Sustaining grasslands; Connecting large landscapes and wildlife corridors; and Addressing climate change. Each Archbold program has built conceptual maps of how they and their partners advance one or more pillar's goals, and has identified metrics we track to understand progress towards our goals.

Major Findings & Impact

Archbold staff have been closely engaged in conservation activities on Archbold properties, in the surrounding community, and through engagement regionally, nationally, and internationally. However, much of this work has been opportunistic (e.g., providing requested data or expertise to neighboring management agencies). In 2021, Archbold established a conservation program, committing to proactive, deliberate conservation engagement. The Conservation Strategy.

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Data and Analysis Types

Conceptual modeling of research, education, and outreach activities and annual tracking of metrics to plan how we impact conservation targets

Primary Location(s)

Archbold Biological Station, Avon Park Air Force Range, Buck Island Ranch, Lake Wales Ridge, Headwaters of the Everglades Watershed, Florida Wildlife Corridor

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Archbold Conservation Strategy v1.1



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