Science training and environmental education

Archbold Biological Station is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and habitat with students of many ages, from third grade through continuing adult education. The Station provides environmental education to Grades 3-5 of the Highlands County school system and for neighboring counties. The program consists of four daily programs presented by the teacher and developed by Archbold (since 2003 in PowerPoint; formerly as classroom film strips), followed by a full-day visit to the Station guided by Archbold's education staff and volunteers. More than 1,300 children participate in this program annually. The Station also conducts a summer day camp, Scrub Ecology, for children (ages 7-12).

Staff Research Biologists have faculty affiliations at University of Florida (Gainesville), University of South Florida (Tampa) and University of Central Florida (Orlando). Graduate students from these and other institutions may be advised by Station faculty. Other students conduct independent graduate work at the Station. More than 200 master's and doctoral theses from universities throughout North America, Europe, and Australia have stemmed from research at Archbold.

Students checking insects night life at Lake Annie

Research training is provided by the Station and staff through undergraduate or graduate internships. Competitive internships provide room, board, and a stipend, allowing qualified students to participate in staff research projects and to conduct independent projects of their own design. These internships provide an outstanding opportunity for motivated students to gain research experience, and to meet other students and professionals working in field ecology.

Visiting classes from colleges and universities around the country regularly use Archbold to conduct field courses or carry out independent research projects. Experience at the Station has stimulated countless students to pursue careers in the life sciences. These classes can be accommodated in housing facilities at the Station for up to several weeks. In 1998-2000 Archbold participated in an NSF-sponsored faculty enhancement program known as Project First. The Station held two faculty workshops designed to promote the use of inquiry-based learning in undergraduate education. First II is another series of faculty workshops for scheduled for 2005.

General Public. Archbold provides many opportunities for interested members of the general public to learn more about the Florida scrub through a variety of continuing education programs. A public education kiosk welcomes visitors and introduces Archbold activities. A second kiosk features information about non-native plants. The Station's Nature Trail, "Scrub Discovery," emphasizes plant identification and ecological processes. Volunteer training workshops are sponsored. Guided tours are available on request and Station staff frequently presents talks to area groups about Archbold research and conservation activities.