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Avian Ecology Program

* Bowman, Reed , Ph.D. Associate Research Biologist, [Avian Ecology, Endangered Species Management] and Program Director, e-mail
Bednekoff, Peter A., Ph.D. Research Associate Research Associate 2016-2025, Research Affiliate 2011-2015, Associate Professor, Easter Michigan University, Department, e-mail
Fitzpatrick, John W., Ph.D. Research Associate 1995-2023, Cornell University, Laboratory of Ornithology, e-mail
Chen, Nancy , Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2015-2020, University of Rochester, e-mail
Abraham, Elizabeth , M.S. Research Assistant IV
Baeza, Fabiola , M.S. Research Assistant IV
Heather, Meredith , B.S. Research Assistant III
Thompson, Greg , B.S. Research Assistant IV e-mail
Tringali, Angela , Ph.D. Assistant Research Biologist e-mail
Bakley, Tori , B.S. Post Baccalaureate Intern
Longo, James , B.S. Post Baccalaureate Intern
Loschen, Bryce , B.S. Post Baccalaureate Intern
Suh, Young Ha, B.S. Graduate Intern