Saving a Spiny Scrub ShrubPhoto by: Dustin Angell

Saving a Spiny Scrub Shrub

Establishing populations on protected lands to secure the species’ persistence

For nearly 3 decades, Archbold scientists have worked to save the Florida Ziziphus an incredibly rare shrub is limited to only a few sites of the Lake Wales Ridge. Archbold collaborates with several institutions to understand its ecology, conserve genotypes, propagate plants, and establish new populations on protected lands. We have conducted over a dozen introductions at 8 sites to date, which are critical for the species’ recovery.

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Demography, field experiments, propagation, genotyping, translocation

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Lake Wales Ridge

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Saving a Spiny Scrub Shrub
Saving a Spiny Scrub Shrub

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“Florida Ziziphus was once thought to be extinct, but through the discovery of hidden populations and conservation efforts of numerous biologists and citizens alike, the species has crept back from the edge of disappearance.”