The holey grail of the scrub

The holey grail of the scrub

Conservation of the Florida’s only endangered lichen Cladonia perforata

The Florida perforate lichen (Cladonia perforata) is known from 4 regions of the state, and is 1 of only 2 federally endangered lichens. Unlike many lichens, this species is not known to reproduce sexually, and only reproduces through fragmentation. Unlike its neighboring plant species, it responds poorly to fire, yet still requires open sand to persist. Our long-term work seeks to quantify the dynamics of this mysterious species of the scrub.

Major Findings & Impact

Cladonia perforata populations are particularly slow growing. These lichens do not survive poorly, but fortunately, physically moving individuals out of harm's way before a fire can increase their survival.

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Archbold Biological Station, Lake Wales Ridge, Florida Wildlife Corridor

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