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Plant Ecology Staff

* David, Aaron Ph.D. Assistant Research Program Director and Research Biologist [Plant Ecology], e-mail
* Menges, Eric S., Ph.D. Emeritus Research Biologist, and Research Biologist [Plant Ecology, Fire Ecology, Conservation Biology], e-mail
Abrahamson, Warren G. Ph.D. Research Associate 1976-2023, Bucknell University, Department of Biology, e-mail
Quintana-Ascencio, Francisco Pedro Ph.D. Research Associate 2015-2024, Research Affiliate 2005-2014, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida, Department of Biology, e-mail
Altoff, David Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2011-2020, Research Assistant Professor, Syracuse University, Department of Biology, e-mail
Faivre, Amy Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2008-2014, 2016-2021 Professor, Cedar Crest College Department of Biological Sciences, e-mail
Hawkes, Christine Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2006-2020, Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology, North Carolina State University, e-mail
Schafer, Jennifer Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2015-2020, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Winthrop University, e-mail
Segraves, Kari Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2011-2020, Associate Professor, Syracuse University, Department of Biology, e-mail
Dole, Haley B.S. Research Assistant III
Herron, Sterling Ph.D. Research Assistant IV e-mail
Ward, Scott M.S. Research Assistant IV e-mail
Weekley, Carl M.S. Research Assistant V (retired),
Segal, Ella B.S. Post Baccalaureate Intern