Special Librarians for a Special Library

Joe Gentili with National Geographic
issues from the early 1900s featuring the favorite book binding style of founder Richard Archbold.

Joe Gentili was looking for a library job to advance his career. But, an early career position in library science is not so easy to find. Fortunately for Gentili, his path led him to Archbold. He shared, 'Archbold’s library is a "Special Library" which means the collection heavily leans towards one area of interest in support of a specific user base (e.g., science). My training was is in special libraries as opposed to public libraries. Part of the appeal of a special library is working with a small number of people closely to help them reach their goals. A chance to work with a collection like Archbold’s, with its long and fascinating history, along with the opportunity to work with retired Emeritus Librarian Fred Lohrer, led me to working here’. Gentili has been visiting Archbold since 2007 with his wife, Dr. Angela Tringali (Archbold Avian Ecology Post-doc Fellow). Gentili has a Masters in Library Science/Information Studies and a BA in History. With Fred Lohrer’s retirement in 2018, Gentili began working part-time as the Archbold Librarian while continuing his previous volunteer work as the Special Collections Archivist of the Dr. James N. Layne Collection (Archbold’s first Research Director). Gentili continued, 'Fred is my colleague and mentor. He went above and beyond over the last three years to further my career. Archbold has had a profound impact on my life. Working here in a special library with a large archival component is where all of my interests overlap providing gratifying work that I truly enjoy’.