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Studying the Northern Everglades

Steffan Pierre in the northern Everglades.

Steffan Pierre first visited Buck Island Ranch back in November 2013. At that time, non-native Island Apple Snails ( Pomacea maculata) were just expanding their range into the northern Everglades. Pierre capitalized on the unique opportunity to study the snail colonization for his University of Central Florida Master's research. Read more on his fascinating findings here. In 2016, Archbold hired Pierre to oversee the monitoring of the NEPES (Northern Everglades Payment for Ecosystem Services) Dispersed Water Management projects. The Ranch became his workplace and home for the next five years. He shared, "I was responsible for the operation, maintenance, data collection, construction, and programming of 20+ hydrological monitoring stations spread across the northern Everglades. Prior to working at the Ranch, I did not understand Florida to be cattle country. Considering that ranching originated in Florida, that's kind of sad. Now, I understand ranchers to be among the premier land custodians of Florida. Being part of the Archbold community over the years, I was able to hone my adaptability and interdisciplinary skillset. I would not be who I am, or where I am, without my time at Archbold." In January 2021, Pierre began his new job as Environmental Analyst with the South Florida Water Management District in Orlando. He offers these words of wisdom for those who follow in his footsteps: "Quiet observation before action is often best. But when entering a wetland, make noise. Don't sneak up on sleeping feral hogs!"