Path of the Panther

Florida Panther photo by Carlton Ward Jr.

Perched on the edge of extinction, the Florida Panther is an emblem of a once connected world. The survival of the species depends on the protection of a network of statewide public and private lands, known as the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The panther’s story inspires hope for a future in which both humans and wildlife can thrive in the face of rapid development. Wild Path and Grizzley Creek Films are telling that story in their new film Path of the Panther. Directed by Eric Bendick and produced by Carlton Ward Jr., Thomas Winston, and Tori Linder, the film shows that heroic efforts by wildlife agencies, landowners, sportsmen, lawmakers and broad public support have helped bring the panther back from the brink of extinction. However, with nearly 200 left in the wild, their fight for survival continues in the face of rapid development. Thankfully there is still enough habitat in the Florida Wildlife Corridor to support the panther’s recovery, if we come together to protect it before it is too late. Go see the film, playing in theaters across Florida starting February 24, to witness the odyssey of heartbreak and hope as the culmination of more than five years in the field, half a million photographs, and over 800 hours of ultra-high-definition camera trap footage document the Florida Panther’s fight for survival. Against all odds, the species demonstrates a path forward in which both humans and wildlife can thrive.