Due to the continued threat of COVID-19, Archbold is closed to the public. Please check back for news on reopening.


Archbold's primary facility is its 5,192-acres preserve, available for observation and experimental research.

Richard Archbold Research Center contains 7 historic buildings/structures and other newer buildings.

All buildings are air-conditioned.

The Station's Research Center building, superbly constructed of poured concrete in 1931, houses the main office and several administrative offices, a library, the computer information center, four large research laboratories (Avian Ecology, Restoration Ecology/Herpetology, Invertebrate Ecology, and Plant Ecology), a Multi-Use Classroom and Multi-Purpose Lab, the Herbarium, the Insect Collection, Chemistry Lab, several dormitory rooms, a kitchen, dining room, lounge, and storage areas.

The Annex contains the Fishes and Herptile Reference Collections, the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computer rooms, the Database Administrator office, two project offices, a Conference Room, and a 75-seat auditorium.

The Austin L. Rand Building, another 1930s masonry building, contains the Bird and Mammal Reference Collections, and six offices for administrative staff.

The Generator Building houses a 200-hp diesel generator which provides emergency power to the entire Main Campus.

The Pump House was built to house the original wells and pump.

Water, maintained in a ring main and 75,000-gallon water Tower, comes from a 1,500-feet deep well and is purified in a traditional on-site Treatment Plant.

Carpentry and Machine Shops, outdoor cages and controlled environment rooms, and fire equipment cache are housed separately.

Frances Archbold Hufty Learning Center and Adrian Archbold Lodge (see below Overnight Accommodations and Amenities), completed in September 2011, added an exciting new facility to the Station. The buildings are state-of-the-art, and certified LEED(R) (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum, from the US Green Building Council.

Frances Archbold Hufty Learning Center - This building houses the Education office, Welcome Office, two large meeting rooms, an event lobby, serving pantry, Interpretive Display area, K-12 room, and observation deck and is an educational tool in itself. The interpretive displays compare the built environment to the natural environment of the adjacent scrub.

Collections - Archbold Biological Station is proud to maintain several important biological collections. The Leonard Brass Herbarium is located in the Plant Ecology Lab; the Arthopod Collection is located in the Entomology Ecology Lab; the Fishes and Herptiles Reference Collection is located in the Annex; and the Bird and Mammal Reference Collection is located in the Rand Building.

Equipment and Vehicles for Visiting Scientists and Staff--Research equipment including computers, GPS units, Chemistry Lab, Multi-Use Classroom and Multi-Purpose Lab, 4-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and boats are available upon request and reservation for visiting scientists and accompanying staff.

Overnight Accommodations and Amenities

Adrian Archbold Lodge – The Lodge provides overnight accommodations for up to 41 guests within the 14 bedrooms. Each bedroom overlooks the native landscape of the Florida scrub to the northeast – a beautiful view.

Cottage Accommodations – Five fully-equipped and furnished cottages are located at the Research Center and 2 cottages are located just off property. The Station can accommodate up to 60 guests within these cottages. Beds in the dorm room in the Research Building are available seasonally.

Meal Service – Visitors to the Station have the option of preparing their own meals in the cottage or purchasing meals in the Dining Room. Continental breakfast is available between 6:30-8:00 a.m. and lunch is served precisely at 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. There are no weekend meals served in the Dining Room. Guests may also order a bag lunch if planning to be in the field. Lunch tickets must be filled out and submitted by 10:00 a.m. each day in order to guarantee your meal. Dinner is only available upon request for groups of 10 or more. Guests staying in the Adrian Archbold Lodge will have the option of ordering meals from the Dining Room, as there are no food preparation facilities at the Lodge. Groups (between 15 and 40) staying in the Lodge will have meals in the Lobby area of the Learning Center. This room accommodates 40 people. Groups (between 40 and 100) staying anywhere on the Station will be served meals in the expanded meeting room at the Learning Center.

Laundry – The Station has a small laundry room available, located just behind Cottage 4 (Liatris). A coin operated washer and dryer is available for guest use.