Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

Saving Florida’s Sparrow

Researching and reversing the decline of Florida Grasshopper Sparrows

Archbold scientists have monitored and managed the imperiled Florida Grasshopper Sparrow (FGSP) on working landscapes since 2003. Working with partners, we are researching the FGSP and enacting a recovery plan that includes demographic monitoring, nest protection, habitat management, and releasing captive bred individuals into the population. The FGSP population is seeing its first substantial increases in over a decade.

Major Findings & Impact

This work is protecting FGSP on the ground and helping us to understand their habitat needs.

Project Details

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Data and Analysis Types

Territory size, habitat structure, population data, behavioral observations, nesting data and pedigree information

Primary Location(s)

Avon Park Air Force Range, DeLuca Preserve

Years Active

2003 - present

Featured Publications

“Along with other important conservation measures, such as habitat management and nest protection, the conservation-recovery and release program has had a clear positive impact on the Florida grasshopper sparrow population. We are incredibly happy with these results but Florida grasshopper sparrows are still critically endangered and therefore we must stay committed to our conservation efforts to create a more resilient population.” – Juan Oteyza, lead sparrow research scientist at the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service