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AgroEcology Internships

Ideal for students with undergraduate degrees contemplating graduate school

Research in:

  • Wetland ecology
  • Plant community ecology
  • Disturbance ecology

We study:

  • Ecology of wetlands and wet prairies
  • Ranchland management on plant communities
  • Invasive species
  • On Archbold’s full scale commercial cattle ranch

Interns get: room, weekly $100 stipend, food allowance.

Interns work: 20 hours per week as research assistants.

Independent Project: conducted during remainder of the time.

Duration: 6-10 months.

Start dates: flexible.

Training Provided

  • Every aspect of scientific research
  • project choice
  • experimental design
  • data handling
  • data analysis
  • oral presentation
  • manuscript preparation
  • publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Preparation for: graduate school, agency positions

Applications: send an email to Betsey Boughton with:

  • a letter stating research interests
  • a resume or cv
  • summary of grades
  • arrange to have two letters of recommendation sent to the same email address.

Past Intern Projects under the supervision of Betsey Boughton

  1. Vi Bui. 2013-2014. Gases in grasses: Greenhouse gases in response to timing of fire and hog rooting in a semi-native grassland. Mt. Holyoak College. Now a MS student at Western Ontario University.
  2. Jessica Franks. 2013-2014. Is it in the bank? The role of the seedbank in aboveground vegetation patterns in ranchland wetlands. Grand Valley State University.
  3. Colleen Smith. 2013-2014. The effect of macrophyte species richness on herbivory by the invasive giant apple snail (Pomacea maculata) on Buck Island Ranch. University of Michigan. Currently in graduate school.
  4. Callie Griffith. 2012. Colonization strategies by Lachnanthes caroliana in soil disturbed by feral swine. Brigham Young University – Idaho. Currently a MS student at University of Nebraska.
  5. Jessica Patterson. 2012. The effects of a prescribed summer burn on the native grass Andropogon virginicus (broomsedge). Brigham Young University - Idaho
  6. Ariel Carter. 2011. Changes in leaf traits in response to wetland management regime. Southern Charleston University. Currently a MS student at CalState.
  7. Lauren Peters. 2010. Are tree frogs picky? Assessing tree frog habitat preference for native and non-native trees on a Florida cattle ranch.
  8. Ernest Wang. 2010. The effects of grazing and soil moisture on Maidencane survivability and growth during a drought season.
Ariel, soil sampling
Lauren Peters, water sampling
Jessica Patterson, fireplotting