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Agro Ecology Staff

* Boughton, Elizabeth H, Ph.D. Associate Research Program Director, e-mail
Boughton, Raoul Ph.D. Research Affiliate 2014-2021 Research Affiliate, e-mail
Morrison, Joan Ph.D. Research Affiliate 1999 - 2022 Research Affiliate, e-mail
Landau, Lydia B.S. Research Assistant IV
Li, Haoyu M.S. Enviromental Specialist
Reyes Gonzalez, Alma B.S. Research Assistant III
Saha, Amartya Ph.D. Instrumentation Specialist/Ecohydrologist e-mail
Sonnier, Gregory Ph.D. Assistant Research Biologist e-mail
Spicer, Nathaniel B.S. Research Assistant III
West, Amanda M.S. Research Assistant III
Zhang, Xukai Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow e-mail
Anderson, Wes Graduate Student
Baraoidan, Samantha Graduate Student
Buckley, Tyler Graduate Student
DeLucia, Nick Graduate Student
Gough, Akiem B.S. Post Baccalaureate Intern
Hibbs, Flynn B.A. Post Baccalaureate Intern
White, Elizabeth Graduate Student
Yuxi, Guo Graduate Student
Zambrano-Lee, Maya B.S. Post Baccalaureate Intern