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Past Projects

Name Affiliation Research


Project Coordinators: Hilary Swain, Thomas Bancroft, Patrick Bohlen (BIR); John Capece, Michael Fanning, Jeffrey Mullahey, Ed Hanlon, Suresh Rao (IFAS); Alan Steinman (SFWMD) MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center (BIR), Univ. Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD Ecological, economic, and water quality responses to cattle density; an experimental approach (subunits a-g listed immediately below)
Capece, John & Kenneth Campbell IFAS a-Pasture water quality and cattle stocking rates
Fanning, Michael IFAS b-Cow-calf production as affected by stocking rate
McSorley, Robert IFAS c-Nematode population dynamics, succession, and community structure
Mullahey, Jeffrey & George Tanner IFAS d-Vegetation sampling of pasture water-quality monitoring sites
Portier, Kenneth IFAS e-Statistical modeling of agro-ecosystems indicators
Roka, Fritz, John Holt & John Earmon IFAS f-Economic aspects of agro-ecosystems indicators
Tanner, George & Steve Christman IFAS g-Bird community structure in cattle pastures
Ashok, Alva & Wendy Graham Univ. Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Best management practices for Ridge citrus ground-water nitrate study
Babbitt, Kimberly (1997) Univ. New Hampshire Interactions between anuran larvae and aquatic insects
Campbell, Kenneth & Clyde Fraisse Univ. Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Decision support system for beef cattle production
Campbell, Kenneth, Donald Graetz & John Capece Univ. Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Landscape, land-use, and water quality investigations at Buck Island Ranch
Gibbs, Paul, Paul Meade, & Carlos Romero Univ. Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine (PG) & Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (PM & CR) Feral swine transmission of Pseudorabies Virus (PRV)
Greiner, Ellis Univ. Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine Sentinel herd for Bluetongue studies
Morrison, Joan (*1997) Univ. Florida (1997), Univ. Colorado (1998) Reproductive ecology and habitat associations of the crested caracara
Steinman, Alan; Capece, John South Florida Watrer Mgmt. District (SFWMD), Southern DataStream Optimization of best management practices for beef cattle ranching in the Lake Okeechobee Basin
Campbell, Kenneth; Capece, John Univ. Florida Inst. Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), Southern DataStream Long-term water quality trends in four representative agro-ecosystem land uses in a Florida cattle ranch
Graham, Wendy; Alva, A. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Ridge citrus water quality project
Graetz, Donald IFAS Nutrient characteristics of wetland sediments in relation to cattle grazing in subtropical rangelands
Brown, Mark Univ. Florida Center for Wetlands Impacts of agricultural projects on biological indicators of wetland health in depressional marshes
Steinman, Alan SFWMD Algal productivity in wetlands on beef cattle ranches in the Lake Okeechobee Basin
Avery, Michael USDA Development of management methods to reduce black vulture predation on livestock
Babbitt, Kimberly Univ. New Hampshire Anuran community structure and predation rates on tadpoles in wetlands of Buck Island Ranch
Baber, Matthew* Florida International University Habitat/landscape influences on nestedness in an isolated wetland fish and amphibian assemblage; Evaluation of wading bird food resources in ditches/wetlands of Buck Island Ranch
Hill, Lakeisha* Univ. Florida Phosphorous forms/storage in pasture soils across a topographic gradient
Mullahey, Jeffrey; Tanner, George; McSorley, Robert; Portier, Kenneth; Fanning, Michael; Holt, John; Roka, Fritz IFAS Agro-ecosystems indicators of sustainability as affected by cattle density in ranch management systems
Main, Martin IFAS Expansion of coyote populations in Florida
Morrison, Joan Trinity College Ecology of the crested caracara in south Florida
Townsend, Katherine* Univ. Florida Measurement of grassland biomass in south-central Florida using data from Landsat 7 and IKONOS satellites
Zelinski, Robert; Orem, William U.S. Geological Survey Relative sources of phosphorous in water and soil: central and southern Florida


Bohlen, Patrick BIR, SFWMD Pasture Water Management to Reduce Nutrient Runoff
Bohlen, P., Swain, H., Lynch, S., Shabman, L, Clark, M., Shukla, S., Boughton, E. BIR, WWF, SFWMD, NRCS, FDACS Florida Ranchlands Environmental Services Project
Jagannathan, S., Kiker, G., Bohlen, P., Swain, H. Univ. Florida, BIR Developing a management focused, spatial decision support tool for climate forecasting in beef cattle agro-ecosystems
Boughton, E. Univ. Central Florida Understanding plant community composition in agricultural wetlands: context dependent effects and plant interactions
Dwyer, J., Morrison, J., Fraser, J. Trinity College, Virgina Tech Ecology of the crested caracara in south Florida