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Listed Species of Archbold Biological Station, Lake Placid, Florida

compiled by
Kevin N. Main and Fred E. Lohrer, Archbold Biological Station
October 1999, corrections 14 June 2004, animal species corrected 10 October 2010

Extracted from "Florida's Endangered and Threatend Species", list, as updated December 2018, and published by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Scientific Name Common Name USFWS FDA FFWCC
BIRDS breeders only (N = 3)
Aphelocoma coerulescens Florida Scrub-Jay -- photos & calls T T
Falco sparverius paulus Southeastern American Kestrel T
Grus canadensis pratensis Florida Sandhill Crane
Alligator mississippiensis American Alligator T(S/A) T(S/A)
Drymarchon couperi Eastern Indigo Snake T T
Plestiodon (Eumeces) egregius lividus Blue-tailed Mole Skink T T
Gopherus polyphemus Gopher Tortoise T
Plestiodon (Neoseps)reynoldsi Florida Sand Skink T T
Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus Florida Pine Snake SSC
Lampropeltis (Stilosoma) extenuatum Short-tailed Kingsnake T
Lithobates (Rana) capito Gopher Frog SSC
Puma (Felis) concolor coryi Florida Panther E E
Podomys floridanus Florida Mouse SSC
Sciurus niger shermani Sherman's Fox Squirrel SSC
PLANTS (N = 28)
Asclepias curtissii Curtiss's Milkweed E
Calamintha ashei Ashe's Savory T
Cladonia perforata Perforate Reindeer Lichen E E
Clitoria fragrans Pigeon-wing Butterfly-pea T E
Dicerandra frutescens Lake Placid Scrub Mint E E
Encyclia tampensis Butterfly Orchid C
Eriogonum longifolium var. gnaphalifolium Scrub Buckwheat T E
Eryngium cunefolium Wedge-leaved Button Snake-root E E
Garberia heterophylla Garberia T
Hartwrightia floridana Florida Hartwrightia T
Hypericum cumulicola Highland's Scrub St. John's Wort E E
Hypericum edisonianum Edison's St. John's Wort E
Lechea cernua Nodding Pinweed T
Liatris ohlingerae Scrub Blazing Star E E
Lilium catesbaei Catesby's Lily T
Nolina brittoniana Scrub Beargrass E E
Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis Royal Fern C
Panicum abcissum Cutthroat Grass E
Paronychia chartacea Papery Whitlow-wort T E
Pinguicula lutea Yellow Butterwort T
Platanthera ciliaris Yellow Fringed Orchid T
Polygonella basiramia Hairy Jointweed E E
Polygonella myriophylla Small's ointweed E E
Prunus geniculata Florida Scrub Plum E E
Tillandsia balbisiana Wild Pine T
Tillandsia fasciculata Common Wild Pine E
Tillandsia utriculata Giant Wild Pine E
Warea carteri Carter's Mustard E E