Graduate Student Research

Graduate students first conducted research at Archbold Biological Station in the mid-1950s, and since the mid-1960s they have been an important part of the research program at the Station and also at MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center (BIR).As of 2011, 167 graduate students (Master's 86, Ph.D. 81; including 11 Master's & 11 Ph.D. at BIR) from 41 schools in the United States; and one each from Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Scotland, and Switzerland; and two from Germany; have conducted graduate-degree research at Station/BIR (see also Graduate Student Analysis at STABIB, the Station Bibliography).

To find a list of graduate theses search ARCHBIB advanced search, using "all non-indexed fields," for "master's thesis" and/or "ph.d. dissertation," and possibly coupled with "cornell univ." or "univ. florida" to narrow the search.

Some graduate students have been recipients of Archbold-supported Graduate Student Research Internships which specifically supports their research while based at the Station or BIR; others students are self-supporting with grants or institutional support. Archbold senior science staff holds graduate faculty appointments at several universities, and can serve as major advisor or committee members of student PhD and MS thesis committees.All graduate students wishing to conduct research at the Station, or seeking graduate student internships, should contact the heads of the relevant programs:

Send inquiries about graduate student research at any time to:

All other research areas please send inquiries to the Executive Director.

Dee White, graduate student from Governors State University, University Park, IL