The focus

Ecological studies at Archbold Biological Station take advantage of opportunities for research in a landscape mosaic ranging from pristine Florida scrub at the Station and other conservation lands along the Lake Wales Ridge, to restoration sites particularly the Archbold Reserve, fragmented suburban landscapes and intensively managed lands throughout the Florida scrub ecosystem. Staff and visiting scientists study the ecological patterns and processes, employing both observational and experimental approaches in short- and long-term studies. Research spans the entire spectrum of modern ecology including Population Biology, Evolutionary Ecology, Animal Behavior, Physiological Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Landscape Ecology and Biogeography, Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology. Systematics and Taxonomy are additional areas of interest.

Research programs headed by Station staff scientists are:

Other research programs are:

A major research program in Agro-ecology (Betsey Boughton) is conducted at Archbold's Buck Island Ranch

Archbold studies increasingly address applied aspects of ecology and conservation biology. Archbold research data helped spearhead public acquisition and protection of the critical remaining Florida scrub habitat of the Lake Wales Ridge. Studies provide vital guidance and conservation planning for land managers, public agencies, and land owners. The research focus on threatened and endangered species has improved the conservation status of many globally rare plants and animals.

Extensive environmental monitoring helps facilitate measurement of responses to climate variability, land use change, hydrology, prescribed fire, and invasive species.

Archbold is a recipient of many grants and awards which support its extensive research programs. We are grateful to the federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations and private individuals who support our research. If interested in conducting research with or at Archbold with grant support please see the attached Archbold's indirect rate policies.

Liatris ohlingerae
Florida Scrubjay